Here are just a few mixes we have done over the years to give you a little sample of what we are about. Check back regularly for new mixes and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook Live. 

2020 certainly was a strange year with Lockdown but I thought I’d do an open format mix to cheer lift our spirits

Can you believe these songs are 30 years old this year (2020) hers a quick mix up of some of our favourites

Here’s a quick demo of some of the Genres we love to play thrown in the mix by our own DJ Stu French

After the Success of Bruno Mars’s Finesse Stu French blew the dust off of some New jack classics

Who remembers the 90’s here’s a little mix by Stu French of some mellow 90’s floor fillers

Here is our own DJ Stu French with he’s mix of 80’s Soul classics. Time to turn back the clocks.

Who loves a bit of Old School Garage?? Our Dj’s Stu French and Antonn Black taking you back with this live recording at one of our residences.

The 90’s surely did make some banging R&B tunes. DJ Stu French brings you a small reminder of them in this mix. 

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